Curio•sea•ty in USA (part I)

So it is Day 3 of our trip in the US. And we are really starting to sink into the rhythm of the place and getting tones of ideas for works, and thats just after visiting the MoMA and Wayfarers studios. Mainly rom Wayfarers actually, MoMA is a greta museum of course, but what really excited us was the work of the artists working in the studios at Wayfarers, specially the work of David (Scout) McQueen, who will also be part of the show Lorna and I are taking part of there, and which opens this Friday.

So our first day was just dedicated to rest and catch up with sleep (after our epic 18 hours travel) which we didn’t, we were up at 5:30 all geedy; and to get our bearings of our neighbourhood, North Williamsburg. We are staying in a fantastic artists loft apartment in the middle of a really cool and hipster area. You can walk two block without bumping into a vitange shop, an art book shop or an organic grocers… It is great.

So we wander the streets and the shops, had massive and delicious blueberry pancakes for lunch and mussels and chips for tea. Strange eating patterns have emerged from the unknowing of the sizes of food here…

Yesterday we planned to visit the MoMA and the American Folk Museum, but we could only managed the MoMA since we had to drop our works at Wayfarers in the evening. It was fantastic to meet George and some of the other artisis working there. It looks like it is going to be a really nice exhibition and we both felt so proud to be part of it!

I have given myself the task to make one drawing (at least) per day, and I have decided that the one-per-day will be a rope coil, and the rest will be a odd mixture of sketches of the conversations and ideas of the day.

Here I leave so images of the last couple of days…


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