Curio•sea•ty in USA (part II)

So to catch up a whistle stop tour of what we have seen and been up to!

Opening night of ‘The Whales of August’ at Wayfarers – was fab to see all the work together, a strong four man/lady show, our work was presented alongside David (Scout) McQueen and Joy Drury Cox. Together with some watermelon mojitos we welcomed the public throughout the Wayfarers doors –

It was great to see the Fanciful Coquilles responding to the space, in a completely different way from their previous showing. This is something I want them to continue do; change, adapt and engage within the space they are placed.

The American Folk Museum – is a lovely intimate space showing some fantastic examples of American folk art – from quilting to artists books, it showcases a variety of mediums and topics and also boasts a lovely gift shop. Gift-shopping and Curioseaty are definitely going hand in hand on this research trip!

For me the range of materials used was the most interesting aspect of the collection – Folk and the domestic/the found object being part and parcel of the same family line; everything and anything being used to create something – the precious and non-precious, having no distinction.


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