Curioseaty leaves New York and says hello to the open road!

Mystic Seaport Aquarium – was our first port of call on entering Mystic Seaport was of course visiting the Aquarium. With the promise of some beluga whales Ms. Fraga was at the front of the queue to have a moment with with these lovely creatures and she was not to be disappointed! The whales were truly beautiful and enchanting. Other highlights of the visit were all the different species of jellyfish, the amazing corals and trying to spot frogs in the massive lily-paded pond – a lot of fun!

Mystic Seaport Research Library – kindly gave us a several hours of their time and knowledge and showed us round their vaults filled with all things maritime! From Harpoons to small carved finds both myself and Hondartza found items to spark our creative juices and want to crack on and get making! Many thanks to Maribeth, Paul and Louisa who showed us around the vaults and carefully and thoughtfully pulled some great documents and books for us to the read and reference during our visit – many thanks again for all your help.

Mystic Seaport – Mystic, Connecticut – is a fantastic recreated 19th century seafaring village as it would have appeared when in working use. With more than 60 restored historic buildings on show and a great in harbour ship, we were not disappointed!

The buildings in which many of these industries were housed were fantastic in themselves, the coppers over looking the harbour, complete with its ramp to roll its barrels straight out. The rope making building, long enough to make the ropes in house and walk the rope. I like the idea that the space itself becomes part of the production process, the ritual of production and the very human daily relationship that these makers had with the space they inhabited.

Padanaram Village – Dartmouth, Massachusetts – SALT – My new obsession! We were lucky enough to be staying just down the road from this small village, which was once a major salts works. My mind thought on salt is currently taking the form as this:

icebergs – ice – salt – salt structures – ice/salt once/still providing the same function

I feel many an object (and possibly a drawing/collage or two!) will be made around this thought process tapping into the salt industry, salt superstitions / traditions, salt & ice uses, iceberg structures, iceberg classification, different types of ice and salt. All in all, a lot to go at!

Photos of all of the above are to follow shortly! 


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