From Sea to You – Calling all Artists!

An exhibition of artists postcards.
Calling all artists for contributions!

Deadline: 30th November 2014

We are inviting artists to share* one (or more) digital works that express their relationship with the sea or what the sea means to them. All the works will be exhibited at pocagallery in Spain in December 2014 and in Patrick Studios Project Space as part of Curio•sea•ty’s culminating exhibition in March 2015.

The works must be submitted as digital files that we will print ourselves in postcard size, and each work will be for sale at €10/£8, all sale proceeds will go towards funding the final stage of Curio•sea•ty. (If your image is sold in the first exhibition, we will produce a second edition for the second exhibition in 2015, all postcards will be labelled with the artist details).

You can submit as many digital works as you like and we guarantee to include at least one image per artist, please send files in JPEG format, at least 148 x 105 mm and 300 ppi.

Send the files accompanied by a short statement (100 words) to

*the works can be reproductions of existing works or new work created for this project, in any medium that can then be reproduced digitally. By ‘share’ we mean to give us permission to print and sale the image submitted without receiving any remuneration. The authors will retain all rights and ownership of their original works.


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