Gathering thoughts and Open Studios

It feels like a very long time ago since we came back from New York, and although we have gone a little quiet here, we haven’t been idle.

Over the last couple of months we have been gathering our images and thoughts from the USA trip, and some concrete ideas for works have started to take shape and it is getting really exciting to plan for the exhibition and the artist publication to go alongside it next year.

At the end of October we took part in East Street Arts Open Studios and we used this opportunity to show the gathering process in the form of walls filled up with notes, photos, sketches and nautical ephemera that it’s inspiring us. We had many interesting conversations over the course of the weekend, and met interesting people with whom to have follow up conversations, in particular we are very excited to have met Sarah Jones who forms part of The Ocean Loiners, a Leeds-based sea shanty group, and we will hopefully attend their next meeting to hear some lovely sea shanty singing! We can’t wait.

Also, thanks to the sustained support of East Street Arts who allowed us to use their newly acquired badge machine to produce a bit of Curio•sea•ty merchandise to help our ongoing fundraising… We made some badges and rosettes for sale (if you are interested in getting some, simply use the donate Paypal button on the right column).

So what is next for us? Next week we are down to London for another mini Curio•sea•ty trip, this time to visit the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, the Natural History, the V&A and the British Library at least. We only have a couple of days down there so we have a lot to pack in.

After that we will start getting more hands-on with making the works and narrowing the details for the show and the book. But not before having another public event in the meantime! In December we will present an exhibition of artists’ postcards responding to the sea in pocagallery in Portugalete in Spain. An open call for artists about this will follow promptly.


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