Lorna Barrowclough & Hondartza Fraga

Both artists are based at Patrick Studios, East Street Arts, in Leeds.

Lorna Barrowclough is a visual artist working predominantly with sculpture, collage and photography. Her work is inclusive and experimental and whilst there is a respect for the traditions of the techniques, she endeavors to offer a refreshing open approach to the materials and methods that might be utilised. Her site-specific pieces have engaged with objects and materials that have particular place meaning; a process of importing a history, to export it back out to the place in reference. To either reinforce an already acknowledged site or industry heritage to the viewer; or reawaken a heritage that should be remembered. Her recent use of shells and molasses in various installation pieces explores the precious nature of the ‘jewels’ that the sea discards and for which it is plundered for, in particular the Oyster trade (past and present).


Hondartza Fraga uses drawing, photography, animation and video as her main mediums to explore our individual and collective relation to the world around us, the different ‘distances’ between ourselves and everything else: spatial, temporal, emotional, cultural and imagined. Featured in her work are model ships, maps, earth globes and other domestic objects that evoke an idea of travel or faraway places. In the work, these objects act as links between home and elsewhere, questionning the meaning of both terms and our position in-between. The sea is a constant reference for it represents and aims at everything that is remote to us, the unknown that because of its uncouthness is promptly romanticized. Her most recent work explores whales, whale carcasses and the place of these great mammals in the human imagination.