This is a selection of our reading list: books, catalogues and texts/articles that we have read or are about to, and that provide us with answers (and sometimes more questions), inspiration and aid to our research.

Listed in no particular order.

Deep Sea and Foreign Going
Rose George

The Sea Inside & Leviathan, or The Whale
Philip Hoare

The New England Mariner Tradition. Old Salts, Superstitions, Shanties & Shipwrecks
Robert A. Geake

The Wonderful Story of the Sea
A. C. Hardy

Mody Dick
Herman Melville

The Sea: An Anthology of Maritime Photography since 1843
Pierre Borhan

De Mar en Mar. The Sea Works of Tacita Dean
Fundación Botín (Exhibition Catalogue)

Art Forms from the Ocean
Ernst Haeckel

Kathleen Jamie

Atlas of Remote Islands
Judith Schalansky

Reminiscences of Victorian Whitby and local customs
Robert B Holt

The Streets of Whitby and their associations
Hugh P Kendall

Folklore and the Sea
Horace Beck

The Cruise of the Cachalot
Frank T. Bullen

The Power of the Sea: Making Waves in British Art 1790-2014
Edited by Jeanette Kerr & Christiana Payne (Exhibition Catalogue, Royal West Academy)


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